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Samuel P. Moeller, Mesa Injury Attorney AZ, is a top attorney at law with experience servicing hundreds of thousands of people in Mesa, Phoenix and all of Arizona. He is licensed to practice law in both Arizona and Texas. As a highly sought out law firm in Mesa, Sam specializes in personal injury law, wrongful death lawsuits, car accident compensation claims and more.

Sam attended Baylor University School of Law while working as a Registered Nurse in cardiac and geriatrics at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco, Texas. In 2003, he received his Juris Doctorate (Doctor of Law degree) after first receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2000 from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. After starting his law career in Dallas, Texas working for trial lawyers with a focus in defense liability lawsuits, he then decided to focus his practice in personal injury law, nursing home neglect, product liability, and third-party casualty defense.

Sam is fluent in both English and Spanish, helping him better serve the needs of the Hispanic community present in Mesa and all of Arizona. With a highly reputable personal injury law firm in Mesa, Sam has helped many in recovering the compensation they deserve for their pain, suffering and incurred expenses.

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Reasons to Consult an Injury Attorney in Mesa

There are a number of benefits to working with an injury attorney at law when you’re the victim of personal injury, wrongful death, a car accident, or any other incident leaving you with deserved compensation due to incurred expenses, pain, and suffering. As a personal injury and wrongful death law firm in Mesa, Samuel P. Moeller works as your advocate through even the toughest and lengthiest of claims and cases. While navigating complicated law knowledge and procedural rules, he fights for your justice to the success of maximum compensation for damages received.

Here are instances where you should work with an attorney:
- The injuries are serious and impact your day to day living and/or quality of life
- You are unsure who is at fault
- If the insurance company tells you that you don’t need a lawyer, you do

If you’re considering hiring an attorney at law in Mesa, AZ, but you’re unsure of just how much they can benefit you and your case, here is a list of items that an attorney can do for you in the case of personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, or car accident claims.

Things a Personal Injury Attorney can do for you

They know what you need in court - There are particular laws and rules that apply to your case. You can’t just provide the evidence and expect a win. There are certain procedures and methods that need to be followed for a successful case.

They negotiate a fair settlement - Experienced personal injury lawyers can expedite the process and keep the case out of a trial by negotiating an out-of-court settlement. Your attorney will be able to collect and analyze the case to determine if the said settlement is an option. The factors to consider whether or not an out-of-court settlement can be reached with negotiation include precedent cases, chances of winning, weakness in evidence and the defendant’s insurance policy.

They understand and meet important deadlines - There are deadlines for all pieces of filing claims and lawsuits related to personal injury. The statute of limitations is just one example.

They prevent removal to another court - Sometimes, defendants lawyers try to move the case from state to federal courts due to favorability. Personal injury attorneys can prevent this from occurring.

They can deal with the other side - Personal injury attorneys know how to deal with the other person’s lawyer, where someone who is not a lawyer would likely have a hard time. The defendant will likely keep their lawyer even if you choose not to work with them and they can use that in their favor depending on your knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures.

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Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer in Mesa?

There are a number of mistakes to be made when filing a personal injury, wrongful death or car accident claim in Mesa. The larger and more complex the accident, the more difficult and lengthy the process will be. Hiring an attorney at law in Mesa for your wrongful death settlement or your claim for car accident compensation will help you to avoid these common mistakes made:

- Taking too small of a settlement
- Making zero or a weak negotiation attempt
- Settling too quickly
- Not keeping property damage and injury claims separate

In order to receive the top compensation settlement for your pain, suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and more, you need an expert that knows how to fight for your justice and navigate through the complex systems that have been set up against your benefit.

Here are the top reasons why a personal injury and wrongful death law firm is beneficial to your case:

They are experienced and knowledgeable - While every case is different, they’ve likely worked on hundreds of claims just like yours. They understand how to build a strong case and how to navigate the complex legal system. They are experienced in negotiations with insurance companies. They know the statute of limitations, as well as deadlines and technicalities of filing paperwork.

They give you the peace of mind you need during difficult situations - When you’re in an emotional state of mind through the impact of a personal injury, wrongful death or car accident incident, it’s hard to remain clear-headed enough to advocate for yourself in a complex case. An attorney will take on all of the work.

They will get you the best possible settlement - Their experience in negotiating with insurance companies allows them to sometimes come to the best settlements before anyone would even need to step foot in a courtroom. They settle your claims on your behalf.

They save you tons of time - Depending on the nature of your case, filing a claim and going through the full process of a lawsuit requires a lot of time and attention through the collection of evidence and filing the proper paperwork. Your attorney will handle all of this for you.

They work as your advocate and remain objective - Your attorney will advise you on the best possible outcomes for your particular case without making any hasty or rushed decisions. They will fight by your side throughout the whole process while keeping you as clear and level-headed as possible.

They complete a thorough investigation to benefit your case - There is a ton of detail that goes into building a strong case when it comes to collecting evidence, filing paperwork and more. Hiring an experienced attorney removed that burden and confusing process from your shoulders.

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How Samuel P. Moeller can help?

If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, through negligence resulting in personal injury, or even the unfortunate circumstance of carelessness resulting wrongful death, Samuel P. Moeller is here to help you during the most difficult of circumstances. He is ready to stand by your side as your advocate while you take the recovery time that you need. He truly cares about finding justice and securing the maximum compensation you deserve in damages. Whether that be pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, or other monetary losses, Sam will navigate the system, negotiate on your behalf and seek the suitable settlement amount.

When selecting a reliable attorney at law in Mesa to handle your personal injury case, wrongful death lawsuit or car accident compensation claim, there are many different options to choose from. It’s important to choose a lawyer with extensive background in similar cases that can provide expertise in winning these cases.

Samuel P. Moeller is an expert when it comes to being a top personal injury and wrongful death law firm in Mesa. We navigate your case from beginning to end and get you the settlement you deserve. Samuel P. Moeller is a trusted attorney at law who provides exceptional services in accident and personal injury cases throughout Mesa and all of Arizona. Samuel has years of expertise in handling accident cases that are litigated and will ensure you receive a beneficial amount of the damages.

Here are the steps we take when representing you in your slip and fall case:

We get you the maximum amount of compensation
We can help you receive the compensation you deserve if the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence. As a top attorney at law in Mesa, we arrange all the medical bills and records that will help prove damages that can be claimed in the case.

We handle your case with experience
As an attorney in Mesa, we will handle your case wisely and help you get the desired compensation from the party at fault. We have expertise in negotiating with insurance companies and when to take the deal the other party's insurance company is offering.

We support you at each stage of the legal process
We specialize in figuring out who should be held responsible for injury cases in Mesa. We also determine the actual party at fault and will also help you deal with all the other consequences related to the case.

We take the case to trial if necessary
We study the case from the start till the end and they will take your case to court if they need to.

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The Role of the Insurance Company in Determining Your Settlement Value

When a personal injury or another type of claim is made, insurance companies with talk to you or your lawyer to determine if the other party is indeed at fault. Some of the types of questions fall into different categories to determine if you were being negligent and could have avoided the accident altogether.

They will examine all possible evidence and statements made in order to come to a settlement amount that they believe is fair and just. Usually, the settlement amount is initially far lower than what you demand. Without a lawyer, injury claims typically result in ⅓ of the potential compensation. Insurance companies will try to get you to say things that cut the value settlement amount during negotiations. Without proper expertise, people don’t know the proper values they’re entitled to. Insurance companies will also try to offer lower amounts in the hope you will not negotiate.

If a settlement is not agreed upon in the claims process, your lawyer has a period of time in which they can file a lawsuit against the person. This is where the process can become even more complicated and more drawn out.

Insurance companies are difficult to deal with and do not like to act in favor of the other party when coming to an agreement. It’s important to understand how these companies work and how to best negotiate with them. This is why an experienced attorney like Samuel P. Moeller is a great benefit to your case. They have negotiated with insurance companies countless times and can sometimes keep your case outside of the courtroom altogether.

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At the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, we devote our time and work toward building a solid case in order to get the maximum amount of money for our clients. Our firm is reputed as an aggressive representative of defense firms, irresponsible parties, and insurance companies. Whether you’re looking to file a personal injury claim, a car accident claim or wrongful death claim, Sam is ready to work by your side.

We work on a contingency fee basis in which you pay zero cost until your case is won. If we are not able to recover compensation in your case, we never collect legal fees. We fight exclusively for you and we take pride in serving clients that are traumatized by accidents and injuries. Contact us today for your free consultation!