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Samuel P. Moeller is a trusted and experienced Personal Injury Attorney who provides exceptional services in accident and personal injury cases throughout Mesa and all of Arizona. We devote our work toward building a solid case in order to get the maximum monetary gain for our clients. Samuel has years of expertise in handling accident cases that are litigated and will ensure you receive a beneficial amount for the damages.

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Multi-Car Accident in Mesa

Who is Responsible for a Multi-Car Accident in Mesa?

Getting into an accident is one thing, but a multi-car accident is much more difficult. Determining the cause with so many vehicles and people involved is a lot hard than when assessing a more simple collision. All investigations are serious, although multi-vehicle collisions consist of many more moving pieces.

Pinpointing the exact cause of a multi-car accident requires witnesses and thorough police reports to assist with the investigation. Sometimes, one driver might admit to causing the collision, and other times it isn’t so clear. When distractions, construction, weather and drunk driving come into play, the discovery process can be lengthy.

If a driver admits to being the cause of the collision, they will be held 100% liable. There are instances where the plaintiff will be assigned a percentage of liability as well due to negligent circumstances. Sometimes, multi-car accidents even end up being pointed at the automobile manufacturers in which they would be responsible because of a vehicle defect. Those cases are a lot more difficult and a much longer process than others.

Although the discovery process may not move as quickly as one would hope, pursuing injury claims and damages will provide closure for those affected by multi-car accidents.

Large Truck Accidents

Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

Large trucks pose a high risk to other vehicles on the road and can cause considerable damage and injury to other people and their property. If truck drivers are negligent or government safety regulations for the truck are not met, the large size of a semi truck can be extremely dangerous to innocent drivers on the road.

Often times, large truck accidents can be the fault of the passenger vehicles at fault due to lack of knowledge surround a large trucks driving restrictions. The first step in preventing large truck accidents is to understand why they happen.

Bad Road Conditions
Roads that are poorly maintained, unpaved or with potholes, make large truck driving quite dangerous. Narrow lanes and highways with no shoulders also contribute to these hazardous situations.

Bad Weather
Extreme weather conditions like ice, snow, rain, fog and powerful winds make truck driving difficult. This is a common cause of multi-car accidents.

Road Construction
Trying to maneuver a large truck through cones and other road construction can be difficult.

Passenger Vehicle Errors
Negligent and erratic driving by passenger car drivers is very dangerous with semi trucks around. Swerving in front of a truck, unsafe passing, and tailgating are common causes of truck collisions at the fault of passenger cars.

Truckers/Trucking Company Errors.
Truckers that have had poor or improper training on driving a large truck pose a huge threat to other drivers on the road. Inexperienced drivers on unfamiliar roads are also a cause for concern. Tire blowouts by overloading, as well as poor maintenance on the trucks are also causing huge devastation on the road. Negligent driving by truck drivers like speeding, inattention, fatigue, road rage and frequent lane changes are just a few other common causes of large truck accidents.

DUI Accidents

DUI Accidents and Their Impact

According to the Department of Transportation, Alcohol-impaired drivers cause 28 in the United States to die every day. The damages due to intoxicated drivers and alcohol-related accidents amount to billions of dollars every year. If you or your loved ones have suffered the impact of a DUI accident, a personal injury attorney like Samuel P. Moeller can assist you in seeking damages. Although compensation does not take away the psychological impact, it can help families move forward.

Drunk driving accidents can typically consist of high speeds and reckless behavior. Hazardous road conditions add to the risk of collision. Drunk driving accidents typically result in far more serious devastation than a typical auto collision. From physical injury to traumatic emotional pain and even fatalities, the impact of a DUI accident can last a lifetime.

Common DUI accident injuries include:
  • Internal organ damage
  • Broken bones
  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Disability
  • Fatalities
  • Paralysis

Depending on the accident, drunk driving collisions can involve both criminal and civil trials. It’s important to work with a well-seasoned personal injury attorney that understands DUI accidents and the impacts that they have on your life.

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Taxi Cab Accidents Overview

Whether you’re the other driver or you’re the passenger, taxi cab accidents require an auto accident or personal injury attorney that can help you defend yourself and/or seek damages for pain and suffering.

If a taxicab hits you as the other driver, you will need to prove liability and damages, as well as defend yourself against the cab company. If you are an injured passenger in a taxi cab accident, you will need to seek damages for medical treatments, missed work and your emotional pain and suffering.

Taxi Cab Accidents
Taxicab accidents are often times caused by negligent driving by the cab driver due to quick and reckless behavior to maximize the number of collected fares. Sometimes, cab companies don’t properly maintain their vehicles which can lead to the compromised safety of the vehicle. Taxicab accidents can also occur due to the other driver’s carelessness and distracted driving.

Regardless of your position in the accident, it’s important to collect the contact information of witnesses to help describe what happened during the accident. If possible it is also important to collect photos. The investigation of a taxi cab incident can seem like a long process, especially when dealing with insurance companies, medical treatments, missed work and seeking a settlement.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Negligent drivers can be a danger to pedestrians that are walking, jogging, running or even sitting near a road. Below is a list of the common pedestrian accident injuries where you should seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Mesa.

Brain Injuries
Some brain injuries are minor while some can be very severe. A violent blow from a car accident is a common cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Bone fractures can leave lifelong pain that can impact day to day life for the victim and inhibit certain capabilities.

Spinal Cord Injuries
This is also caused by a violent blow but to the spine. This can cause lifetime paralysis.

In some instances, being struck by a car can cause death. The number of pedestrian deaths caused by car accidents is increasing.

Tissue Injuries
Bruises, tears, sprains, and lacerations are all examples of soft tissue injuries incurred by pedestrian accidents. Some issues are minor while others are more severe and can impact the quality of life.

In more extreme pedestrian accidents, victims can lose limbs and extremities.

Broken Bones
Broken bones are extremely painful and are the most common injuries due to pedestrian accidents.

Emotional Trauma
Sometimes just the emotional impact of a pedestrian accident can cause lasting trauma.

Reasons for Teenage Driver Auto Accidents

Teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are at great risk to auto accidents. When a teen causes a car accident, especially when fatal, the impact is devastating and the emotional trauma is particularly difficult. Here are the top reasons for teenage driver auto accidents:

A common cause for distraction these days are cell phones. Other distractions include eating, tuning the radio and paying attention to others in the car.

Teens are inexperienced drivers that don’t have the prior frame of reference to determine and react to hazardous situations on the road.

Not Wearing a Seat Belt
Statistics show that teens report the lowest seat belt usage compared to other drivers on the road.

Drunk Driving
Teenagers are prone to participating in dangerous behaviors like driving under the influence of alcohol.

Reckless Driving
35% of teen drivers that cause car accidents are speeding when it occurs. Street racing and tailgating are two additional teen reckless driving behaviors that cause accidents.

Driving with Other Teens
Statistics show that teens driving with friends in the car increase the likelihood of distraction and reckless behavior.

Texting While Driving
Texting is a number one cause of teen related auto accidents. Social media is also a huge distraction and an increasing cause of teen related auto accidents.

Bus Accident Attorneys.jpg

Bus Accident Attorneys Mesa

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident in Mesa, the law offices of Samuel P. Moeller will work with you through the legal process to get the compensation you deserve. Depending on the type of bus transportation, it can get confusing to know which company is liable for the accident. We work with passengers involved in bus accidents and also other drivers who may have been involved in a bus related collision.

Whether it’s a school bus, public transit, charter bus, tour bus or van, we have the expertise in dealing with different private companies that own the bus involved. One important item to note is that if a school board, school district, city or county are liable for damages, you must file a claim with the said entity within 180 days.

Truth About ATV Accidents

Before riding an ATV, it’s important to understand the truth of what these all-terrain vehicles can do. A lot of people hop on an ATV for a fun thrill and adventure, unfortunately, sometimes that adventure can end in devastation.

The main issue is that many people do not understand how the ATV really works and how to handle emergency situations. Here are some statistics about ATV accidents by
  • 135,000 people are injured a year
  • Over 700 people are killed a year
  • 1/3 of those killed are under the age of 16

Many ATV accidents can be avoided with property instruction and safety guidelines followed. Negligence and recklessness is the main cause of ATV accidents. From drunk driving to speeding, hill climbing, rollovers and more, the impact of an ATV accident can be severe. Many people also add a second passenger to one passenger ATVs, throwing off the balance and endangering both people.

Always wear a helmet and protective gear while riding and be sure to never drink and drive your ATV. If the accident is the fault of another person or the manufacturer, you deserve to be compensated for the injuries you sustain from an ATV accident.

Motorcycle Accidents: How to Avoid?

Motorcycle accidents are among the most deadly of accidents on the road. While you cannot control the driving behaviors of other on the road, you can be aware of potential accidents and learn how to avoid them. Here are a few tips to avoid motorcycle accidents:
  • Look for signs that indicate that someone is about to turn in front of you.
  • Don’t enter a corner too fast.
  • Cars changing lanes into your lane.
  • Pay attention to cars coming up behind you.
  • Learn how to use your front brakes.
  • Pay attention to potential car doors opening in front of you.
  • Wet roads.
  • Never drink and drive.

Motorcycle Accidents

How a Wrongful Death Auto Accidents Lawsuit Works?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a personal injury lawsuit that is made when a person is killed due to another’s negligence or an intentional act. The estate of the deceased is allowed to file a lawsuit against the party legally responsible for the death. The suit is filed by a representative of the estate.

If a victim dies in a car accident, a wrongful death claim can be made against the liable party. In order for the defendant to be proved liable, the same proof needs to be met as if the victim had lived. Depending on the state you live in, the survivor in which the wrongful death claim is made on behalf of by the estate differs. Typically, a spouse is allowed to sue, but the lines gray when considering parents of adult children being able to sue. Extended relatives also meet special circumstances.

Here is a list of losses that can receive compensation in a wrongful death suit:
  • Pre-death pain and suffering
  • Medical costs
  • Funeral costs
  • Loss of income of the deceased
  • Loss of inheritance
  • Value of services
  • Loss of care and nurturing
  • Loss of love and companionship
  • Loss of consortium

Elderly Driver Related Auto Accidents in Mesa

Unfortunately, there are many instances when elderly people that should not be driving any longer, get behind the wheel and cause a collision. Elderly driver related auto accidents are a growing problem that is likely to triple by 2020 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Arizona is currently adopting a proactive stance to prevent these from occurring.

Arizona residents over the age of 65 must pass a vision test to renew their license. Law enforcement and medical professionals are also able to request an unsafe driver investigation for those who they believe may pose a risk to others on the road.

Although precautions are put in place, elderly driver related auto accidents are common.

Ride-Share Accidents

With the rise of vehicles on the road participating in ridesharing programs, comes the rise of accidents involving these vehicles. Arizona is a city with a ton of traffic and a popular hub for both Uber and Lyft users.

Drivers with ridesharing companies are responsible for having their own proper insurance and are liable for any accidents that occur while transporting passengers. Depending on the nature of the accident, it can become confusing on who is responsible and liable for damages. A personal injury and auto accident attorney can help you sort through your case and collect the compensation that you deserve.

The damages from ridesharing accidents in Mesa include the below:
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Property damage
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering

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